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Stack Your Wins Team Bundle - Includes 15 Journals

*Option to add extra journals at a deeper discount after checkout*

This journal contains 5 simple prompts to help your team strengthen their mindset and build confidence DAILY!

Each day, your athletes will ...

get into gratitude daily

state their goal for the day

make a commitment

celebrate their wins

make an adjustment

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Every day, your players will build the success habits that will allow them to start each day off right and get 1% better every day.

As their wins stack up over time in the pages of this journal, page by page, day by day, week by week, they will have a tangible visual representation of all the work they have put in over the course of 12 weeks.

They will be able to look back and see how far they've come. They will be able to see challenges that came up, the adjustments they made, and the accomplishments they achieved along the way. They will build the habit of intentionally setting goals and achieving them on a regular basis.

This journal will also help them develop the ability to self reflect/correct, and make adjustments as part of their learning, growth, and development process.

There's a space for BIG picture goals as well as weekly notes and reflections, not to mention words of encouragement along the way :)

We're talking about building life skills that become so natural they automatically begin to apply it to every area of life (not just softball!).

If you're the kind of coach who cares about their players, who understands the importance of a strong mental game, and wants to see their players succeed both in sports and life, you're going to love this journal!

Regular Price: $25ea

Your TEAM Bundle Price: $15/journal

Yes! You save a whopping $10 per journal when you pick up this TEAM Bundle!

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