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This journal is designed to help your athletes develop the skill of choosing their thoughts in ways that work FOR them rather than against them.

Now is a great time to strengthen the mental game in preparation for next season. This journal will help your athletes ...

work on their mindset daily

build confidence

ease perforance anxiety

get 1% better every day

overcome doubt

bounce back faster

stop being so hard on themselves

get to know what works for them

shift your focus from problems to possibilities

achieve their biggest goals

develop self discipline

develop self awareness

and a whole lot more!

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This journal includes simple Daily Prompts and inspirational quotes give players an easy-to-use framework for consistently PRACTICING mental game skills and taking the "mental reps" you need to win from the inside out.

You've spent lots of time on all the on-the-field softball skills this year. Now it's time to care of the mental game too so you can kick butt on and off the field this season!

Journals are normally $14.99ea, but as an added value to your entire organization, you can now order them for $7ea.

That's a whopping 53% savings!

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