Get in the Zone with Gratitude Journals!

-TEAM Bundle-

Imagine if your team could get out of slumps faster and "get in the zone" more often ...

How would that change the game?

How much better would they play (and more consistently too)?

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For a limited time only, you can get the brand new Get in the Zone with Gratitude Journal for your whole team at a sweet discount!

Did you know that the state of gratitude is very similar to the state of flow? It's about as close as you can get without actually being "in the zone." As such, being in a state of gratitude on a regular basis also makes in much easier to get in the zone on a regular basis too.

This journal includes 6 weeks worth of daily prompts and reflections for nurturing your attitude of gratitude daily so you can shift your mindset, maintain a positive outlook, and strengthen your ability to "get in the zone."

Daily prompts

Space for a daily affirmations

Daily reflections

Enjoy the positive mental shifts that come with getting into gratitude daily!

There's no better time to get back to gratitude.

In this era of entitlement, we have a unique opportunity to teach and cultivate this beautiful quality in the young ladies we work with <3

This journal makes it easy to incorporate with your team.

Regular Price: $9.99 ea

Right now, you can get 15 journals for just $120 (that's only $8 each)!


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